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Updated January 2018

Latest Info/Honours

*I am pleased to announce that I have recently become a UK Ambassador for NiSi Filters*

New for 2018: I will be co-running a Landscape Workshop in Tuscany in May 2018
*Please contact me for more information*

This year I have images appearing in the Derbyshire Life Calendar for 2018 and also the National Geological Societies 'Our Restless Earth' Calendar for 2018,

I was also announced as one of the winners of the 'British Photography Awards' late in 2017.

One of my images has recently been chosen to be on a book cover: 'The Fury of Dragons' by Author, Renee Yancy Quinn (Available on Amazon)

Please feel free to join me on my facebook photography page where I share images weekly and give advice and tips on Landscape photography.Simply click on the facebook icon below and 'Like'

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Another Time - Another Place
Look at the new 'Landscape Talks' section to find where I will be appearing
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Please use the code supplied with the image in the event of an enquiry.
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All pictures are the copyright of the owner. If you are interested in any of my work then please contact me in the first instance at: